Aims and Objectives

Phech Healthcare is an independent provider of domiciliary care services.

We pride ourselves in specifically selected staff who have the

experience and expertise to professionally respond to and provide

care to our service users in their own homes or institutions. We aim

to provide a quality care service that will meet the needs of our

service users whilst having respect for service users independence,

race and gender. When delivering care to our service users our

emphasis is to ensure that dignity, respect, choice, maximum

independence and confidentiality of every individual is maintained

at all times.Our supported housing or shared housing provides

a positive environment where people’s unique qualities,

strengths and abilities are properly recognised. 


Shared houses

A shared house is when a group of clients share a house together.

Each person has their own room, but shares living areas with the other people

that live in the house. The communal facilities and culture of the house allow

clients to get informal support from each other.Household chores are split so

that communal areas are kept clean and cooking can be done together.

Experienced staff help ensure everyone is involved if they want to be and

supported according to their capabilities.




Phech Healthcare is fully committed to providing the highest possible

standards of care and is constantly monitoring and reviewing

service level delivery through periodical audits and action plans.

In order to deliver and sustain our services we have laid down

procedures and policies that are the framework and backbone of

the operations of the company.


Our Staff


 We are rigorous in our staff selection procedures, all our staff are  trained to meet the needs of individual clients.



 Phech Helathcare staff are specially trained to provide care and

 support to adults who have different care needs.




 What we do:

 We care for people with different needs. We are 

  Over and above generic and traditional care,

  we offer the following services:

  Personal hygiene and grooming
  Help with going to bed and getting up
  Administration of medicine
  Cleaning, washing and housework
  Laundry and Ironing
  Shopping and meal preparation
  Visiting friends and relatives
  Sightseeing, holiday or anything else you want.
  Overnight care or Live in care

  We provide services beyond your expectations-

  a perfect holistic

  approach to your care needs.


 We work with people with mental health problems to assist them build on    their strengths and skills, helping them to develop their own 

  survival resources to self-manage and stay well. When they feel  ready,    we  help them to progress towards more independent  living. This  might     involve making the move from 24-hour  residential   care to supported       accommodation









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